SAR/ Fire Dogs

German Shepherd dogs for Search and Rescue, and K9s for Fire/Arson Duty

This page displays canines available for sale for Search & Rescue work, along with ones capable for Fire Department work. We also raise and train canines from pups specific for tasks you may need in these areas. We do have other canines available for SAR & Fire!

Intact female, whelped 02-04-17. Along with dog, price includes A.K.C. paperwork, collar, leash, longline, vest/harness, training course, SAR certification & written guarantee on health and work! Price for this package is $6000.00.

Price with accelerant detection added is $8000.00

Price with Cadaver detection added is $10,000.00

She is also available without certification and equipment as well! Call for price!

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