Public Sales

Canines featured under “Dogs for Sale” will be recent and updated. We drop sold dogs off of this page after a few weeks or months- we do not let them accumulate. All canines not marked sold are available, unless a sale is in process. In that case it takes a day or two to list them as SOLD. Full or partial trades considered.

UDS offers some pups for sale to the public as well, when available. Please note these bullet points on pup sales:

  • Pup sales require a deposit, which is refundable under certain circumstances
  • Pup sales requires signing a purchase contract
  • Pups may be offered with Limited or Full A.K.C. registration, or none
  • We book pups year-round
  • We accept multiple payment options
  • Pups are procured by scheduled pickup or can be ground delivered to your door, or via air.
  • We do not publicly list our litter births


FEMALE, DOB:07-18-19


Family/Personal/Guard. Intact, normal heats, full AKC

Status: Available

MALE, DOB:02-11-20


Protection/Breeding/Personal/Family. Full AKC.

Status: Available

Contact us via the homepage email or phone us at (715)-889-3906 for detailed information.

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