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Canines featured under “Dogs/Pups for Sale” will be recent and updated. We drop sold dogs off of this page after a few days or weeks- we do not let them accumulate. All canines not marked sold are available, unless a sale is in process. In that case it takes a day or two to list them as SOLD. German Shorthaired Pointer pups and German Shepherd pups available to the public will also appear here, when available. Full or partial trades considered. Video available on all dogs. Wisconsin residents will be charged sales tax.

We accept inquires into potential upcoming availability of dogs and pups, and at times those inquiring end up with a “heads up” and procure a dog or pup before they make it to this page. Phone us, or use our contact form on the Home Page.

Phone: (715)-889-3906


Female, D.O.B. 02-22-21


Nice female older pup, home, sport, potential breeding. G. Daughter of 2016 & 2018 World Champion Qvido Vepeden, G.G. Daughter of 2013 World Champion Chris Spod Lazov. Linebred 4-5 on Ellute von der Mohenwiese.

$3000.00 w/Full A.K.C. registration

$2000.00 w/A.K.C. pet papers

JAGERIN VON RISTAU: Female, D.O.B. 12-11-20

Green, intact, German Shorthaired Pointer female, perfect age for 2021 fall bird season! Has put in 19-1/4 hours in the northern Wisconsin Grouse woods as of 09-21-21. Her hours in the woods will go up as she will be run until sold, and her price may go up as well. Jagerin comes with full AKC registration, and is up to date on medical. Contact us for more information!

$1,300 with full AKC registration

No Puppies Available at this time

Phone: (715)-889-3906

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