Protection Dogs

German Shepherd protection and guard dogs

Urkraftig German Shepherds offers Protection Dogs for sale as well. Protection dogs can play a very important role in protecting you and your loved ones, along with your property.

We would like people to know the importance of choosing your protection dog wisely- from a reputable long standing breeder or work facility. Just because a dog growls or barks by no means determines that individuals response to a real life, serious threat. IGP titles are no positive indicator either. Many Sport-type dogs, though seemingly aggressive can be “chased.” You need a canine that will not cower or flee, and will give up it’s life defending it’s Master. That’s why you book or buy a Protection Dog from Urkraftig German Shepherds. Pray no incident happens, but if it does, know your dog will bring the fight to the perpetrator and not back down, until the threat is neutralized. All sold or contracted Protection Dogs come with our mandatory handler’s course. We do accept verifiable exemptions, and credentialed exemptions. These canines may be sold green, started or finished, dependent on purchaser.

Phone: (715)-889-3906

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