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Urkraftig offers Certified Single Purpose and Dual Purpose K-9’s for sale to Law Enforcement, including K-9’s for S.W.A.T. integration or Team, Cadaver K9s, SAR K9s and carry one of the BEST guarantees in the INDUSTRY!  We custom tailor a K-9 for your needs. All single and dual purpose K-9’s sold by us come with our FREE LIFETIME Re-Certification. (For the Life of the sold K-9) We also offer with purchase, to departments close enough, or where advantageous, ongoing assistance with meeting minimum or over-minimum required monthly training, in all aspects. We want to sell you the most perfect fit for your unit possible.  

Urkraftig offers K-9’s to Law Enforcement from start to finish.  For agencies capable, we offer pups at 12 weeks of age.  We also offer a fantastic opportunity for departments to purchase TOP QUALITY, TOUGH Green and Started K-9’s.

6- week old Konig der Aufbau son

Our Green and Started K-9’s let your department  save considerable money and yet come connected to a powerful, quality guarantee and genetically superior canines.  Through accident or injury our program allows for the most seamless re-insertion to service possible.  This comes from the immutable fact we are a facility that Breeds and Trains Domestically, here in the U.S.A. No or low delay.  Intimate knowledge of previous crosses. 

All of our procedures in our program involving breeding, training and certification is in writing for posterity.  It is detailed, precise, and is important documentation for your written K-9 Policy Profile. We also include ongoing monthly training schedule forms, and offer continuous support. We have some proprietary training methods and procedures, and it begins at the unit level with the Handler.  Contact us for our free 5 page worksheet that “grades” a possible handler, from “Ideal Candidate” to “Not Recommended.”  We can provide updates of new canine legal issues, case law, and E.W. if  necessary.

Urkraftig offers help with financial support for your K-9 UNIT.  All K-9’s sold come with our AUTOFUNDRAISER, which is unique and is a great boost to any K-9 program.  We are also willing, where applicable, to travel to fundraising events such as cookouts at local stores. We can even bring along a K-9! We also offer an in house Grant, through Urkraftig K-9, which will be available to certain departments.  Please contact us for more information.

Our Pricing Structure is variable, and not a cookie cutter approach. A Green Dog and First-time Handler may need 4-6 weeks, while a current handler can rather seamlessly fit in with one of our Started dogs and leave here much sooner. We do our best to place the best possible K-9 with your department, based on SOW. We can include or exclude items that affect the cost of the K-9.  We can include package deals that include all K-9 supplies in purchase, or few or none.  When a contract is reached, everything is clear, precise, and guarantees are in writing and signed in ink.  

All of our K-9’s are trained in German, unless otherwise noted.  We can train in any language, whatever the SOW calls for.   Urkraftig has procured a discount from a local establishment for Lodging for Law Enforcement, and we Thank them! There are also various accommodations for meals and other lodging within 30 minutes.

Along with our previously mentioned in house Grant, here is a short list of other possible Grants: Community Oriented Policing Grants, through U.S. D.O.J.: http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/.         Police Grants Help -Grant assistance: http://www.policegrantshelp.com/  K9’s4COPs: http://www.k9s4cops.org

U.G.S. also offers outdoor kennel solutions for your new K-9. Whether your unit is brand new, or perhaps your seasoned program needs updating, we can fit you with one dog house to a complete multi-plex kennel. For departments that have the help or means to pursue this on their own, we always offer free help or advise, which includes blueprints for the top houses made, or kennel blueprints and layouts.

Our dog houses are simply the best there are. Block foundations, steel roofs, full 8″ insulated walls, ceilings and floors. Full painted plywood interior, O.S.B. on exterior walls, then vinyl siding. We also offer full concrete block houses with completely insulated interior. The kennels are 10’x16′, poured concrete, sloped to rear, and boast a no-pail zone. A formed concrete bowl is formed for water, which eliminates any spilling pails. These watering stations are also geo-thermal controlled, keeping water colder much longer! A seamless formed concrete feed bowl for dog food is another outstanding feature. No ruined bowls, no damaged teeth! Depending on soil type and grade, other draining systems may be applied as well. The chain link is heavy, industrial 9 gauge galvanized steel. We have three different methods for shade as well, including louvers, steel, or removable, seasonal covers for frigid climates, which lets the sun completely in during the winter. These houses and kennels will provide years of safe, sanitary, comfortable use for our K-9 partners.

Formed, sealed feed bowl, and permanent water bowl. 5000 PSI and sealed.

We have K-9’s for Police on the ground, available at this time via Contract.

We have available for Law Enforcement all written detailed information pertaining to our K-9’s. Our policies, our procedures, Breeding Stock Worksheets, Handler worksheets, Certification Standards, Passports & Training Records. This information can be mailed by the U.S. Post Office, or electronically. Call or e-mail us with questions on anything from planned crosses and possible availability, kennel training schedule, or to schedule a kennel visit.

6- week old Konig der Aufbau son

Phone: +1-(715)-889-3906

E-mail: bruleriver11@gmail.com

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