With uncertainty you cannot offer the level of guarantees we offer.   All Urkraftig K-9’s that leave our facility (for Police or other approved client)  do so with a two-tier written guarantee on health and work.  That includes K-9’s that we have not certified, and are sold as a pup, green, started or finished (single or dual purpose).  Our health guarantee is five (5) years.  Our work guarantee covers whatever that K-9 was purchased for.  Example, a single purpose narcotics K-9 will be covered to pass any required certification procedure for that purpose, from a list of approved certification administers.  Our certification comes with ” lifetime of K-9″ re-certification for the twelve (12) areas we offer certification in.   Some examples of “other” certification include, but is not limited, to the following:  N.A.P.W.D.A.-(North American Police Work Dog Assoc.)                    N.P.C.A.-(National Police Canine Assoc.)                                                                 N.N.D.D.A.-(National Narcotic Detector Dog Assoc.)                                               I.P.W.D.A.-(International Police Work Dog Assoc.)                                                 U.S.P.C.A-(United States Police Canine Assoc.)                                                         N.O.R.T.-(National Odor Recognition Test[ing Standard] A.T.F. U.S. Federal Government Recognized                                                                                                           

   We also guarantee our K-9’s to pass to your needed or qualifying certification standard for work we do not offer training or certification in, such as, but not limited to Explosive Detection.  Detailed analysis of our actual written guarantees, policy, certification standards, curriculum and other relevant material is available by U.S. mail in hard copy per qualifying request or via e-mail or by phone.

We do sell a limited amount of personal and family K-9’s as well.   Those wonderful animals come with a two (2) year written guarantee on hips and elbows.  There are no written “work” guarantees for pups or dogs sold as “pets.” Personal Protection K-9’s come only with a written health guarantee.  PPK9’s purchased started or finished come with a mandatory handler’s course or a sufficient letter of recommendation from an approved source.


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