German Shorthaired Pointers for sale


Nice young gal. Hunted on Pheasants, Chukar Partridge and Ruffed Grouse. Points and retrieves. Hunts pretty close, nice dog.

$3,500 full AKC


Young male perfect age for 2023 hunting season. Has trailed Pheasant and Chukar Partridge scent. Likes using his nose.

$1000 full AKC registration

$600 no papers


Young male perfect age for the 2023 hunting season. Has trailed Pheasant and Chukar Partridge. Green dog.

$1,200 Full AKC registration

$750 no papers


This gal will be a nice age for training up on birds this fall of 2023! She is green.

$1,000 full AKC registration

$800 no papers

Purchasing Requirements for our German Shorthaired Pointers

We will not knowingly sell a pup or book a pup to a party that does not intend to hunt their dog. These dogs are bred to hunt, and there are plenty of other breeds that can satisfy a home companion role with ease. If you are bent on one for strictly a house pet, you will have to look elsewhere. However, this does not mean we do not on occasion sell a young dog, etc., to a party for basically a home pet. This would be in the case of an individual (pup/young dog) that does not exhibit strong hunting drives, or has failed a gunfire test. An animal with lower drives for hunting may be offered to strictly pet homes, even though that animal could be a marginal hunting dog. What we do not want, is high drive, born and bred to hunt dogs ending up in non-hunting situations!

Briefing on our German Shorthaired Pointers

We have logged a staggering amount of actual hours in the woods and fields over the years. We have hunted squirrels, rabbits, snowshoes, fox, coyote, wolf, and have put lights out on more coon than an aircraft carrier could handle. We’ve chased, treed and caught many bears over the years. Bottom line is we know how we want a dog to hunt and handle. WE KNOW DOGS. We are far more interested in natural drives than any amount of training. We are not concerned with trials, or trophies- we want a gritty dog that can handle his own, and shows outstanding genetic ability. You cannot beat a dog like that. While we primarily hunt Ruffed Grouse, Chukar Partridge and Pheasants, Snipe and Woodcock, we aren’t afraid to unsnap brass on squirrels and rabbits. If I want to go on a little coon hunt I’m not going to compete with my old Redbones, but these dogs will put a little hurt on Mr. Ringtail and make him climb or die. Where you get your dog matters!


No pups available at this time. We do take bookings on pups at times. Booking involves sending a deposit and signing a purchase contract. Please call for more information.

German Shorthaired Pointer pup pricing:

$700……………………No papers

$850……………………AKC pet papers

$1,000…………………AKC full registration

Note: ALL PUPS come with worming regimen, 1st shots, MEE (Multiple Environment Exposure), feed sample and health record. Wisconsin residents pay sales tax.

Phone: (715)-889-3906

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