Urkraftig also offers some homemade, top quality gear that is Berry Compliant, and can be used for multiple purposes.  We offer leashes that are cable and chain, and top quality leather.  Our tracking and trail leads are nylon rope as well as top quality leather. Heavy load ratings, solid brass or stainless options. Urkraftig Duty for tough Work.    All of the products we manufacture come with a quality guarantee.  All prices include FREE shipping CONTUS.

Urkraftig Muzzle Information

Our Muzzles are crafted to fit German Shepherds from 60-90 pounds. They will fit the smallest bitch in Breed Standard too, as well as oversize males up to 105 pounds. Hardware is Nickel plated. If you need a different size, or would like solid brass hardware, domed rivets, please call us. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of in stock muzzles below. Dealer Inquiries are welcomed.

Urkraftig K-9 “Old World” B.A. “Quick Release” Muzzle.

Hand crafted in the U.S.A., this top quality muzzle features heavy duty 10-12 oz. leather, and incorporates our quick release system, ideal in certain circumstances. Canine is essentially "free" of muzzle in ONE second! Raised domed rivets, and reversible release system. (Picture does not depict quick release system.)


Urkraftig K-9 “Old World” Muzzle (Natural)

Hand crafted in the U.S.A., heavy-duty 12 oz., (3/16" Thick) Natural color leather. This is one tough muzzle!


Urkraftig K-9 “Old World” Muzzle (Black)

Hand crafted in the U.S.A., heavy duty, Black in color. Picture at left denotes construction.


Urkraftig K-9 “Old World” Muzzle (Latigo)

Hand crafted in the U.S.A., heavy duty Latigo leather. Picture at left denotes construction.


Heavy Duty Leash

Heavy solid brass, heavy load rated for aggitation or just real great longevity and wear. Quick-tie application, slip ring (not shown) comfort handle. 5 year guarantee.


Medium Duty Leash

Solid brass snap, meduim duty rated, a great long lasting multi-purpose leash. Quick-tie, slip ring, comfort handle. 5 year guarantee.


33′ Long Lead

Syntetic .375" rope, solid brass snap, simple loop on handler end. You will get years of trouble free tracking with this lead.


Tactical Scorpion Military Leash

1000-D nylon, flexible, bungee effect handling, one traffic handle, and one standard. 34.5-48" Color: Black


Tactical Scorpion Military Leash (Colored)

Same as item above except shipped in army green or camo pattern.


Canine Bedding– Urkraftig German Shepherds offers wild, fresh, natural Balsam Fir Boughs for canine bedding. The boughs are an excellent addition to your canines in- home pillow bedding, crate, dog box or kennel. Balsam Fir is anti-fungal, anti-microbial and provides a comfortable, rich aroma that people and dogs love! It can be applied as shipped whole, or torn into strips. We also offer chopped Balsam Fir, which can be used as stuffing, or dried and sewn into pillows. We have used Balsam Fir with our K9s for decades, and the dogs appear to really enjoy it! They even come to the woods and love it when we harvest it! We use it rather heavily, but a sprig of Balsam Fir does go a long way. As with any new product or item, supervise the behavior your dog exhibits with it, that they do not consume it, though we have never seen that in our dogs.

We offer Balsam Fir in bulk picked up at our facility, or we can ship it by the ton. It is sold by the pound, you can purchase a 25 or 30 pound bundle, or 2 or 3 tons! Price for whole boughs picked up is $0.90 per pound. The price for pre-chopped boughs picked up is $1.80 per pound. Prices may be subject to change according to seasonal market fluctuations. We only accept pre-scheduled pick up orders- call first!

The following vests are suitable for many uses, but we do not recommend them for agitation work without a primary Military Spec agitation collar. For those interested in harnesses suitable for agitation, please call us and we will provide you with the appropriate vest(s).

Tactical Scorpion D5 Level IIIA Body Armor Canine Dog MOLLE Military Vest Harness

Complies with NIJ Standard, rated for up to six hits from .44 Magnum, front/back protection, Tested by HP White Laboratory, MOLLE strapping both sides, ID down back, two carry, two attachment points for leash. Color: Black. Fits canine with 19.5-21.85" back.


Tactical Scorpion D1 Canine Dog MOLLE Military Training Vest Harness

Suitable for walking, hiking, training, MOLLE strapping both sides for any MOLLE pouch/accessory, 2/2 points system. Color: Camo pattern, size Large, Fits German Shepherd up to 85 pounds.


Tactical Scorpion D1 Canine Dog MOLLE Military Training Vest Harness (Black)

Same as item above, except in Black.


Tactical Scorpion D2 Compact Canine Dog Black Camo MOLLE Training Vest Harness

This MOLLE training vest fits a German Shepherd or similar sized dog up to 90 pounds. One leash point.


Tactical Scorpion D4 Canine MOLLE Military Combat Edition Training Vest Harness

MOLLE strapping both sides, 2/2 point, 1000-D Nylon material with mesh lined padding and soft covered neck straps, fits canine from 66-99 pounds. Color: Coyote.


Tactical Scorpion D4 Canine MOLLE Military Combat Edition Training Vest Harness (Black)

Same item as above, except in Black.


Tactical Scorpion Gear Military 45L Tactical MOLLE Backback

Heavy metal zippers, non rusting nylon zipper tracks, 600D waterproof nylon, 3.3 lbs., 3 pocket design, Military Styled assault backpack Rucksack


Military MOLLE Shoulder Bag (Black)

Waterproof 600D Nylon, large capacity, many pockets, many uses.


Military MOLLE Shoulder Bag

Same as item above except in a camo pattern.


Military MOLLE Butt Pack Waist Pack

Quality waterproof waist pack, convertible from waist, to carry to shoulder slung, will also attatch to assault pack for extra storage, 9.5"x5.75"x3.5".


We have other sizes and colors available, and if you have any questions about sizing items please contact us. Thank you.

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