Contractors & Breeding Stock


Police/Government working kennels and other contractors are encouraged to contact us about the availability of our pups, green dogs, potential breeding stock and stud dogs.

Phone: (715)-889-3906


We purchase stock out of Europe and consider working kennels here in the United States. In the U.S., potential working kennels may contact us and request form “Pup RFQ” to be considered for purchases. This document is quite an exhaustive sift and is far greater than any standard. Many standards and registries have become diluted and antiquated for determining potential breeding stock, even though that may not be their primary function now or in the past. Furthermore, all are inferior for sifting the top working lines in at least one way, another or some even all means inferior. Our U.D.S. program solves those issues in a big way. We do accept random inquiries and have open periods actively soliciting stock.

Phone: (715)-889-3906

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