At Stud

These Stud Dogs may be made available by Urkraftig German Shepherds to responsible kennels and individuals who meet our standards. We reserve the right to refuse anyone. Not all of our Studs fall in the same parameters as to who we will allow to breed to them. Our “lowest” Stud still requires a female pass a wide array of actual work standards along with conformation and a look into her genetic profile. It is strongly recommended a female for our lowest male be IGP1 or prepared to pass our entry testing which is more difficult for that level! All outside females without IGP1 (SCH1/SVV1/IPO1) that enter into breeding contract and pass our entry-level for breeding will receive a permanent U.D.S. Number, will be on file at Urkraftig German Shepherds, and receive a certificate suitable for framing. Furthermore, note for your records, an “outside” female that receives a U.D.S. number, does not necessarily posses the attributes of our breeding stock! It denotes she was capable of the working tests, and was healthy. (It is also a prestigious title she will hold.) Our breeding stock go through a 32 point test to receive the U.D.S. number, a far greater sift, if you will, of the suitability of the canine to fit our program and parameters.

Please be advised it is best to contact us months and even a year in advance of planned breeding. Our listed prices are somewhat negotiable, depending on your female, your plans, program and goals. There is a chance of some pup trading or full or partial trades, or of other legally owned and obtained goods as well. All stud service arrangements will come with a contract.

For those legitimate, interested parties, we will forward detailed photos, history, worksheets, medical, et cetera.

Stud # 1- Konig der Aufbau von Ristau. Price $4000.00

Stud # 2- Herr Anzug von Ristau. Price $3000.00

Stud # 3- Gustav von Ristau. $2500.00

Stud # 4- Unser Soldathund von Ristau. $2000.00

Stud # 5- Maximin der Aufbau von Ristau. $1500.00

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