Working line German Shepherds. Full-Time Working K9 Kennel Facility. Producing dogs for Police, Government type K9s, and breeding stock.

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Welcome to Urkräftig German Shepherds!  We put forward nearly three  decades of experience  in canine genetics and training into our program, which includes selection, breeding, raising and training some to the top qualified K-9’s in the world.  These K-9’s can be used successfully for Border Patrol, Police work, MWD’s, SWAT, SAR, defense and other important security work.    We offer top quality pups, green dogs, started dogs, certified single and dual purpose dogs, handler courses and stud service. We also provide a limited number of pups and adults for the public, (private families and individuals) as available.

We are located in far Northeastern Wisconsin, on beautiful acerage which adjoins tens of thousands of sprawling public acres, including county and industrial forest, and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.  We are in a great location for training our K-9’s.  Access to true Wilderness situations, rural environments and in distance close enough for urban training.

We’ve learned a long time ago to begin with, and strive to produce “naturals.” Naturals take training far easier, and retain and recover their learned skills far easier.  Our breeding prospects must pass certification which includes obedience, tracking, trailing, protection and meet criteria for health and conformation.  Those canines passing receive a U.D.S. number, which ID’s the canine in at least seven (7) different areas, is issued once, and is permanent. Our breeding stock certification is a documented course which exceeds other similar type clubs or organizations World-wide. Canines outside of our breeding stock may receive a U.D.S. number by passing the exam. For example, a female brought in to Stud if she lacks the appropriate “SV” title for our standards.

U.D.S. Gretchen von Ristau

Quick News Notes:

  • March 13th is National K9 Veterans Day.
  • Remember to support your local K9 fundraisers!
  • U.G.S. is looking for old cellular & smart phones (non-functional), please contact us
  • U.G.S. is seeking additional training venues. Commercial buildings, warehouses, junkyards, et cetera, in Northeast WI and the U.P. of MI. Please contact us for information.
  • U.G.S. would like to thank those we are currently working with pertaining to training venues.
  • U.G.S. also thanks those parties who’ve inquired about training venues! Thank you!
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